Content that convey emotions – San Martin

For more than 5 years we have been collaborating with San Martín for production of content for different channels of distribution. From the digital strategy design all the way to the creation and posting on social media. They have been focused on different audiences and depending on the strategy they wanted within the different seasons […]

Partners for more than five years – Aliados por más de cinco años

For more than five years we have collaborated with Cementos Progreso for audio visual content production in various formats and for different distribution channels. Ever since 2015 we have worked an average of 5-10 monthly pieces. With an estimated total per year of over 100 pieces and more than 500 pieces to date. The materials […]

The Biggest Renewable Trade Show in North America

We have been partnering with SETS  (Solar Energy Trade Shows) for more than 5 years, capturing and creating content of the biggest Renewable Trade Show in North America called SPI (Solar Power International) A team of 5 Reel Life Team embeds on site to capture, edit and animate on demand pieces for not only their […]

CONCACAF Gold Cup 2017 and 2019

Gold Cup Draw Highlights from ReelLife on Vimeo. The Gold Cup tournament is the largest tournament in the Region, hosted every two years in the United States. For 19 Days in 14 Cities – 25 matches Strategy Design The concept for this tournament’s content strategy was driven by the Digital Team at Concacaf and it had […]

InterMiami Sponsor Heineken Reveal

This production for InterMiami was a big challenge. We assisted from the concept phase through the execution phase and post production. The final result exceded expectations and both of our clients was very happy. The idea was to announce the first sponsor for InterMiami: Heineken How could we have the actors in this piece be […]